New dashboard: Bigger scroll window

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New dashboard: Bigger scroll window

How can I change the size of the scroll window

I want to be able to see all my networks and options without scrolling, like the old dashboard 

I dont want 2 scroll bars.





Getting noticed

Agreed, the previous dashboard behavior was the menu would align top-down at the same level as the menu option, unless it was too far down on the page and then it would align upwards but it always showed everything, the new behavior doesn't align to anything and causes scroll bars in some menus and is inconvenient

New here

Why did they update the UI to make it less usable? 

The new update just spaced out things, put random lines and boxes everywhere, made the entire screen brighter (because everyone knows that bright white is everyone's favorite thing to stare at all day) and made us scroll more. 

they also removed the wireless/ethernet symbols and replaced them with words, because obviously the word wireless is easier for your brain to process than the wireless icon. 


Why did this change have to be made, and why did no one hire a UX designer to look at it for more than 12 seconds?

How can I go back to the previous dashboard? since the new one is useless to me.

thanks for the support

Organization > Early Access disable magnetic


This was opt in and wasn't enabled without user interaction

Building a reputation

Is the opt-in Organization-wide? Or per-user?

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