New Summary (Beta) dashboard page

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New Summary (Beta) dashboard page

I logged in a couple of days ago and was presented with a new page I have never seen before, it was titled Summary (Beta). On this page it gave a brief overview of the organization, and it including an "Uplinks" health widget. This was a nice feature because it was the first time I'm aware of that I could look in one spot to find out the status of the primary WAN uplink and the integrated cellular uplink for all sites (we are using MX67Cs at all our sites with built-in LTE modem). Prior to this, I had to manually check the Appliance Status -> Uplink tab for each site.


Today that new Summary (Beta) page is gone, any idea if/when it will be coming back?

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I have the same question. Got prompted to test out the new UI this morning and took a look at the Early Access tab in the Organization Menu. Saw that I've got the new summary page enabled, and I know I saw it show up sometime last week but didn't have time to explore it. Now I dunno how to get back to it 😞

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