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Network Disabled

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Network Disabled

I have two networks for work and Home.


The two networks have one firewall each. License on the home network firewall expired, as a result, the network was disabled. After renewal i do not the organization tad with license information for renewal.


that only shows on the office network.

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Re: Network Disabled

So you got another license, applied it to the org, but you still only show one firewall license?


When you look at the org’s license info, what counts do you see? You might read:

Kind of a big deal

Re: Network Disabled

Note that you only have one renewal date for all devices.  So you can't get just one network expirying - they all expire together at the same time.


When you buy a renewal you are buying a renewal for everything.  When you enter a renewal licence it removes any existing licence and replaces it with the renewal licence.  This happens because people replace old gear or things change, so you don't have to pay for things you don't have anymore.


It sounds like you only bought a renewal licence for one device - when you have two devices - so one of the devices has become disabled.


To resolve this you'll need to buy an additional new licene for anything you still want to use that you don't currently have a licence for.


You can read about licence co-termination here.


This is a licencing FAQ.

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