Multiple SAML administrator roles for users?

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Multiple SAML administrator roles for users?

My organization is working with some vendors to install cameras for different regions we service and we have different SAML Admin roles for the diffrent regions. We are using Microsoft Azure AD for SAML. We tried adding a user to 2 different SAML admin roles to give admin access to 2 different regions and they are only able to see "camera" network. They were able to see both right when we added their account to both SAML roles but now only one shows up. 

Is it possible to have a user in 2 different SAML admin roles? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I would say no. 


Note: Dashboard will only accept one role attribute. If multiple roles or group memberships are provided, the first attribute matched will be used. If 'MemberOf' and 'role' attributes are both specified, 'MemberOf' will be prioritized.


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