Monitoring in PRTG using SNMP

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Monitoring in PRTG using SNMP



Sorry if this isn't the best section, I'm just going by previous posts about SNMP.


I'm looking to get all our Meraki devices present in our PRTG, but I'm having issues with it. I've liaised with PRTG, but they've pushed me in this direction.


I've set up SNMP in Meraki, got the address, community string and port etc setup in PRTG, but when I use the OIDs from the MIB, it imports all our devices with really weird names containing random symbols, so I can't work out what device is what.


PRTG asked me to do some tests with their SNMP tester, but when I try and walk or scan for interfaces, none are found, so I'm wondering if I've not configured something?


Thanks, Jack.

Kind of a big deal

There have already been some discussions on this topic. PRTG needs something in the queried device that Meraki has not implemented. I have seen workarounds with custom sensors but that looks like a PITA to me.

I was using PRTG for many years with a lot of customers, but because of this I moved away from PRTG to CheckMK which works out of the box.

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Maybe write to their customer support? I am also working in a staff monitoring company and if we have some issues - our support team solves them faster than if I asked in any forum. But is only my suggestion.

It was addressed in the Paessler-community and also commented by Paessler-staff. It seems that they do not have any plans to solve this on their side. They say Meraki has to make it work.

Quite a lot of people seem to have got it working, even if it uses work-arounds, so I was hoping someone who has got it working might be able to offer some advice. I've tried following the article on the Paessler site, but it isn't working for me, so not sure if I'm doing something wrong.


When I try to walk devices via connection to the cloud controller, it doesn't return any devices, I don't think this is a PRTG thing? This is just an SNMP thing isn't it?

Kind of a big deal

I also didn't get it working in a reasonable time. So I was choosing the easy way and switched to CheckMK. Up to now I only query the devices itself as I am most interested in interface statistics.

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