Meraki server issues for some issues (most incompetent customer support I've ever experienced)

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Meraki server issues for some issues (most incompetent customer support I've ever experienced)

I'm using this forum as a rage outlet and desperately trying to notify Meraki their Cloud services are down in the UK and doesn't allow the user to log in.


I've tried calling the UK support (option 2) at 0020 364 06 121 and I cannot go through support as I need my account number and I need to log in to see that number. I cannot get through to the operator as no-one is answering and it tells me to leave a message (option 0), then the mailbox is full and it hangs up.


I eventually use a friend's organisation's 8 digit number to get through to the support team, and I'm on hold for 15 minutes, Gave up. Not the 24x7x365 support advertised.


Given our UK charity pays thousands of pounds every month to Cisco, it's appalling I have to use a forum to (MAYBE!) report an outage/get a simple status update. It's 11.15pm at night and we need to get into our Meraki control panel (something I especially came into work to configure the hardware for).


Meraki: SOME OF YOUR SYSTEMS ARE DOWN - tried on data and broadband - please let an actual human at your UK office know!

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Kind of a big deal

Hope these help to explain the process during outage.


I would check the local status page of you device and see if it is connected


If they show connected, which is my guess then maybe you are having some issues accessing the dashboard. Any outage is supposed to have a failover to a different dashboard server. Meaning there "should" be no down time. DNS could cause issues here or your ISP. If you friend is in the UK how did he get a PIN code if the dashboard was down. I would recommend documenting your PIN if this issue happens again. 24x7x365 support is what you are provided, nothing out of what you described says that is not the case. If there was actually a true outage I would expect more than a 15 min wait. I have waited 45 mins for pretty basic stuff. My other recommendation is that to configure your hardware offsite once all configs are synced and device is ready, then move it into production at the site, this minimizes onsite time and delays waiting for firmware and configs to download. Another place to reach out is a local Cisco partner they may be able to provide more info and understanding if there was an outage or issues accessing the dashboard. Hope all that info helps.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@JackC  I agree this isn't good customer service, the leats they could have done was have an automated message on their phone system to notify there is an outage etc.


I would contact your sales rep and let them know of your frustration. 

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