Meraki iOS app - any plans to get updates or attention?

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Meraki iOS app - any plans to get updates or attention?

Any plans to bring the Meraki iOS app back into the spotlight? i.e. giving it updates and functionality adjustments? For example, went into the App, was going to reboot an AP, and this what I was shown, no status info shown next to the APs and gray blinking dots(hard to show with screen shots, but you get the idea).








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I don't use the app very often, but I did just check on my iOS device and found the same thing. App version is 2.3.9-2-gc9abd05d and iOS version is 10.3.3 on an iPhone 6s.


It's worth noting once I do select an AP, the live data seems to be correct.

BHC Resorts IT Department

I think the app is serious lacking in functionality compared to the dashboard. I've seen apps of other vendors which have a lot more functionality and are still usable so I think Meraki should spend more attention to the app. It would be great if more functionality was added as it really handy to solve simple problems when a normale computer isn't available at the moment. 

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