Meraki Mobile App Beta

Kind of a big deal

Meraki Mobile App Beta

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Thanks Philip for advertising this!  For others just noticing this, note that (for now) there are TWO apps for Meraki Dashboard in the app stores, one (for now) has "beta" in the name.  Watch for a Meraki Blog post soon for the formal update.  For now, please download it, use it, and make comments using Make a Wish from the Settings page. 


For those of us who have been wishing for this for quite a while, it's here!  Remember it's new, it will evolve, I don't have the road map, but it's already very good and will get even better. 


Getting noticed

OMG she's amazing !


I,m actually testing it and already love it


Actuallty here is the point of amelioration i can say :


- More detail in log will be apreciated. Actually it say the nature of the log but not the source or client concerned

- Add the DHCP table for MX

- Add Uplink status for MX

- Add more security on the APP (maybe confirm before apply configuration change, re-enter password when screen goes offline or someting like that. Auto disconnect account when the app is closed

- Maybe add an option in the dashboard to authorised/ not authorise the usage of the mobile app for specific user




Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I was curious how long it would take for someone to find it! 😀

As @MerakiDave has mentioned, this will provide a 2nd app install, for now. In the coming weeks, we will be moving this new Beta to be an actual beta version of the existing app, rather than having to go install a second app. At that point, we will be doing a much more broad public announcement.


Definitely excited to hear everyones feedback! Settings > Make a Wish is the best way to do this. Myself and the engineering team are actively monitoring every wish that comes in.




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Kind of a big deal

So much looking forward to it!


Will it „only“ be iPhone and Android, or will it also be useable natively on iPadOS?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Thanks @joe I've raised a couple of wishes but there seems to be a bug on the usage graph on the usage tab, see one example below for an MX65 that seems to have a warp drive!



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The app also seems to be trying to load too much data, on Android at least, for many screens like below I just get the loading symbol and when it finishes none of the clickable objects work anymore.  Even killing the app doesn't help as it just comes back to the same screen, it must be running a background process or caching itself...



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Could this be the problem, it is from the screen above when it eventually loads ( about 2 minutes), even when loaded I now cannot navigate anywhere else that doesn't have a dedicated icon, even to log off or change network / org:



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Hi @joe !


Is there by any chance plans for including security center information ?

(or did I miss it going over the beta? Might very well be..)


Could be nice in the overview / notifications ..


Otherwise a well done overhaul .. 😀

Building a reputation

Still looking around the new app.

Certainly an improvement over the old one.

I can't seem to access any of my networks with it. The following error keeps popping up:




Anyone else with that issue?

@cmr : Thanks for the reports. There are definitely optimizations we are working on for things like large client counts.

@Thygesen : You're correct, security center is not currently implemented! It's definitely something on our radar.

@BrechtSchamp : Can you reach out to me via DM to discuss this further?

@joe Is it possible to hide "disabled" SSID ?

Has anyone managed to install this on Apple TV?

@damienleick wrote:
@joeIs it possible to hide "disabled" SSID ?

Seems like you can't at the moment. Make a wish in the app. You can find the Make a wish button in the Settings.

Building a reputation

Unless I am mistaken, you cannot see wireless statistics for connected clients.

Systems manager, also not yet showing any info.

Here to help

We use SSO to get to our dashboard. When I try to use the beta app it just spins (iPhone) and never logs me in.

Same here. Any plan on handling SSO?

We use SSO as well. It does not work for me so I created an Admin account I can use on the App to connect with.

It defeats the purpose of having SSO when you have to also manually create accounts for users with username and password.

I know. I am the only one that manages this stuff with the App. Being in BETA I can't really put the app in production until it's completely tested and proven. Plus the last thing I need is giving access to people that are outside our network to make changes after hours. 

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hey All!

Thanks for all of the feedback. We definitely hear you about SSO -- it's something that is top of mind for us, and we are actively investigating how best to implement to provide the most seamless experience.

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