MV Access with SAML

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MV Access with SAML

Currently my ORG only has a single 'local' account which is secure and never used. We use SAML tied into another system with AD integration etc. Each network has RO and RW, and users are placed into each AD group per network depending on access level required.


Having to now look at getting some camera's for very specific purpose and I don't want to have to give read-only access to a network, when the person only needs access to the camera (preferably via the app which also can't be done with our SAML solution).


Looks like per network, if I go to Network-Wide>Administration, there is an option for 'Camera-Only Admins'.  This is great, seems to serve exactly what I need at first glance.


Just curious though if anyone knows if there is a way to also use SAML for this? Or do I need to revert back to the email address/password (old style) of logging in for these users.



Nolan Herring |
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It sounds like you are using combined networks and want to provide camera only access to those combined networks? Not sure if you can use the Camera-Only admins via SAML. Easiest would be to have a separate camera network and just do RO for those networks and no access to the combined network. Not elegant, but would be easiest to implement.

Yup it is a combined network. Didn't even occur to me to simply make a new network for the cameras only. That should solve my problem lol. Need to test. Thanks for the suggestion.
Nolan Herring |

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