Location and Scanning Api - Secret lost on Firmware upgrade

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Location and Scanning Api - Secret lost on Firmware upgrade

I've seen this on several customers sites now and wonder if anyone else has.  When the latest firmware is applied to any MR series Access Point, the secret is lost from the Meraki dashboard, and data stops coming through (it actually does try, but the secret now fails so is rejected by the endpoint).


This is fixed by re-entering the same secret.  When a network is not updated, data continues as normal, but within a minute of the latest firmware being applied this happens to that network.


The strange thing is that the dashboard itself seems to lose the secret (show secret no longer shows anything) - even though it's the AP firmware that was updated.


Wondering if this is more widespread, we've seen this at over 2 dozen networks so far, across several customers.



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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi Michael!


I haven't personally seen this behavior. I'd definitely recommend reaching out to Meraki support to see if other cases have already been opened due to that behavior, they may be able to shed some light on what's happening and why. 



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Thanks - yes I've reached out and it's under investigation - I'll report back here once completed.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you are referring to the WPA2-PSK, I have not seen that behaviour.


If you are referring to the RADIUS secret, I have not seen that behaviour.



I have seen issues with web browsers auto-completing the "password".  You go into the dashboard, change some other setting, and without realising the browser has been really helpful and auto-filled in a "password" field for you (like the PSK field), overwriting what was there.


  Yes to clarify, it's neither of those, it's the Analytics/Location API (under General for a site) - which requires a URL to post data to, and then a secret, which is exchanged when the data is sent to verify it's source.


That secret is disappearing when firmware is updated, and so the data is no longer accepted at the receiving end (as the sender can no longer be verified).  


It's consistently happening across more customers as /when firmware updates are being rolled out to the MR range of devices so far.  

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