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Location Heatmap : view failed to load

Comes here often

Location Heatmap : view failed to load

Hello All,


I'm unable to view location heatmap. The page starts and then displays "View failed to load".

I've done the test on 3 machines and different browsers. Same result in each case.

This arrived some weeks ago.

Is there a solution?


A model citizen

Re: Location Heatmap : view failed to load

I think you need to raise a support ticket.  We are on n184 and cannot use the normal maps but the heatmaps do work.  As you mentioned it started a couple of weeks ago.  We've had similar issues before and they normally fix themselves in a while but if you need it urgently support should fix it.

Comes here often

Re: Location Heatmap : view failed to load



After more investigation, I've to conclude that the problem is due to my 2 laptops.

I've tested on two other machines (laptop and desktop) and eevrything is fine.

I suspect a graphic card problem.



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