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License Monitoring


I am working with a company in UK which provides broadband service using Meraki MX, MR and MV devices. License are being allocated to an organization per device basis. At this moment, we get emails before a license being expired.


Is it possible to generate a combined single report for all organizations which can show the upcoming license expiration in 90 days?


Thank you.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

A high level view of licensing status is available for multiple Organizations, from the MSP Portal, which becomes available to you (under Organizations, top left of the Dashboard) when your Admin profile has permissions in multiple Organizations.   If you click on the Organizations tab in the mai table (the right-most of the three), you will see each Org listed and the License Status and License Expiration (for co-term Orgs) are available columns in the table.   If they don't show up immediately, you can add them by clicking the + sign, top right of the table.

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