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Licence problems

Comes here often

Licence problems

Hello to you all!

My meraki APs are disabled!I m trying to enter the licence key but it wont work!It says its ''has been invalidated''.

From meraki told me that i have to navigate to Organization> Change log> search license but i cant figure out next!any ideas??????

thank you

Here to help

Re: Licence problems


Usually when the licence have been invalidated, its a issue from ether the reseller or meraki. I would contact Meraki support to get them to look into it 😉

(since this looks like a urgent case, a phone-call might be in order

Kind of a big deal

Re: Licence problems

If the licence is claimed and then unclaimed it becomes invalidated.  If that was done in the current org the change log gives both the old invalidated licence and the new licence that replaces it.


Try searching the change log for your old licence number.

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