How long we can leave Organization without renew the licenses?

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How long we can leave Organization without renew the licenses?

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Have a question from one of the customers. After the grace period end. And all devices do not forward the packet and the whole network stops operation.


How long we can leave Organization without renewing the licenses?


Once customers purchase renew licenses, will it start date on the next day of expire date? Let's say it expire on 30 April, And we do renew on the June 1st dashboard.  Will the license start on May 1st?


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After the 30 day grace period the network is shutdown. You can add a new license at any point after this.


Licenses start to "burn" when they are shipped/emailed to the purchaser. So, if I buy 100 AP licenses today and the order is processed tomorrow and the email is sent tomorrow that's when the license activates/starts to burn. So, it's advantageous to not sit on purchased licenses and apply them as soon as they arrive.

Thanks,  How long we can actually 'leave' licenses in Expire state in the Organization?


And once the customer renews, Will it start after its expiration date?

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