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Does anyone know how I can go about exporting a report of visited sites by a specific user?



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Kind of a big deal

So basically you have a MAC address, and you want to know which sites that user has visited? You'd have to leverage the API to do that.


Iterate though the orgs and networks that are relevant and use the following endpoint:



Have a look here for more info about starting out with the API:



I know there are a lot of topics about it too, so have a look around the community.



Kind of a big deal

Outside of Meraki you could you some tools if you have access to the endpoint




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can't get this list specifically, but you can see the top sites they are visiting.


Under Network-Wide/General you need to make sure you have "Traffic analysis" set to "Detailed: collect destination host names".


Then from Network-wide/Clients, click on the client.  On the right hand side is a pie chart and under that is "show details".  Click on "show details".

Now you will see a list of the top things they have accessed.

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