Export Firmware Verions Table?

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Export Firmware Verions Table?



Does anyone know if you can export the Firmware Version table of all the devices in the Organization?


There isn't the usual export to CSV option on that page.




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You should be able to do this on the Org Overview page. Make sure to add the firmware version column to the view, and then use the CSV button to export the whole overview.

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Hi @jdsilva 


Thanks for the fast response! 😄


I can only see Firmware Security or Firmware Status. 


Ideally i'd like to export the actual version of the Devices at this time.




Kind of a big deal

Oooh, that must be an NFO we have applied to allow us to see that column.


Do you have Organization > Firmware upgrades available? You might be able to copy and paste out of there then... Otherwise, I'm not sure how you could do that. 

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Yeah, can view it all in that view. Just wondering if could export that info from the table.


Guess not at the moment.... 😞



Ah well... will have to figure it out another way. 🙂


Thanks anywhoo! 



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Copy/paste into your favorite spreadsheet editor usually works for me (Excel). Things are nicely formatted.
I haven't tried with the list of firmware versions, though. But I'd assume it's the same.
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I just tried this trick.  From Chrome I went "right click, save as" and saved the firmware versions page.

1.pngI then went inro Microsoft Excel and simply opened that html file.  It contained a lot of rubbish - but it does contain the table so you could then just copy and paste it to wherever you want - and even re-save as a CSV file.





That was really helpful. 

As I have now 67 networks, most of them with combined hardware this overview is great time saver 🙂


the only strange thing is that I see : Upgrade available" for devices that are not present in a network.

Per example, I have a network with only a switch


Network with only a switch.JPG


The form shows that there is a firmware upgrade available for the Wireless Hardware??

Firmware upgrade (false report).JPG


Could this be an effect of the way this network was setup? with setting up this network I choose Combined hardware?

Network combined Hardware.JPG


And than, why not for other "combined" network where there is only a switch?


Anyone an idea?








Thijs van Yperen
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