Downgrade a license ?

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Downgrade a license ?



I bought several Meraki devices including wifi terminals to complete my network.
The reseller sold me MR advanced licenses for the wifi terminals.
When I want to add these licenses with the Dashboard license key, it is refused because the MR advanced licenses would be incompatible with my current network.
The reseller is in contact with Meraki to solve the problem but I have only 7 days of grace left...
Should I start worrying?
Thank you!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Ludo - AFAIK the only way to solve this is to return the wrong licences and order the correct ones (and yes - talk to your Cisco partner about this).   Just a week left though might be cutting it fine - and you definitely should be concerned - assuming you're on co-termination then all your devices will stop carrying traffic, if the grace period expires.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

In addition to what @GreenMan said, it might be worth contacting support

If you have proof that you're in the process of obtaining the correct licenses, they may be able to provide some 1 day licenses to extend you until you get the correct one.

Building a reputation

I think you should organize what you want to do to avoid misconceptions.


Your Organization's feature level is set to Enterprise.


  - A. You want to continue to use the Enterprise features.


  - B. However, you want to use the Advanced features.


Here to help

Hello, thanks for all.

The new licenses are on order and I have contacted support to get a few more days.

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