Disable Google Maps in the Dashboard

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Disable Google Maps in the Dashboard

Our organization is on a very (like, think slower than you probably already are thinking) slow internet connection. For the most part our organization only uses the MX units in 3 locations. 1 Wireless AP. We don't need the google maps in the dashboard and they seem to greatly lengthen the time it takes for any given page to load.

Is there a way to turn the maps off? Wether it's per-user or organization wide?

Kind of a big deal

A brief search doesn't yield any results that I can see sorry, possible talk to support otherwise get a better ISP?



Kind of a big deal

I just ran a debug session, and the map graphics get pulled from:



So I would create a entry in the localhosts file on your machine pointing this DNS name to, which should stop them loading.


I found these instructions to walk you through the process:


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