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Disable Firmware Upgrades


Disable Firmware Upgrades



Is there anyway of disabling the automatic firmware upgrades within the dashboard? I know you can cancel an upgrade once it has been scheduled but during change freeze periods, it would be beneficial to switch off altogether.

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Re: Disable Firmware Upgrades

There isn't a way to change that in the dashboard. You could try calling support and see if there is something they can do on the back end for that.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Disable Firmware Upgrades

@MacuserJim is right.  You can ask support to "pin" a device to a specific version if you have an issue.


I would personally just scheduled in the updates when you can arrange the downtime.  Not patching devices in this day and age of security threats is not an option (IMHO).  The vast majority of sucessfull exploits use existing known and already patched vulnerabilities - and companies simply have failed to deploy those security updates.

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Re: Disable Firmware Upgrades

@PhilipDAth is right about "pinning" a device to a firmware, just beware that if you decide to update the firmware later on you would need to reach back out to support to unpin it. I wonder if they have a way to restrict the updates so the Meraki admins are not auto scheduling them.

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Re: Disable Firmware Upgrades

Hi @smeader88,


Agreed - A change freeze period for corporate environments should be a feature!


Support can PIN if they want, but I suspect they will be bored after the 200th device 😄


Thank you,
Peter James

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