Dashboard timeout with ADFS SSO

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Dashboard timeout with ADFS SSO

Hi there,

We recently implemented SSO for dashboard using our existing ADFS environment.

However we are getting 5 minute timeouts in dashboard in spite of the 15 minutes defined in the organization settings.


So my question is, could this timeout be inherited from the ADFS itself? Our ADFS admin claims this should have nothing to do with it.




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Kind of a big deal

I use OKTA and SAML and the OKTA will eventually kick me out of my session, but that is after my 15 minutes of my Meraki setting, so I'm going to assume its ASDF SSO causing it at your 5 minute mark.

Never messed with ADFS SSO but from looking online, there definitely appears to be timer settings for it.



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Kind of a big deal

My gut reaction was to say no.


However when the SAML service issues the authentication token it does so for a fixed period of time.  Once that expires so does your authentication.  You can search for "token lifetime" in this article:


So I think it is not likely to be related - but possible if the default settings have been changed in ADFS.


I would be more suspicous of cookies.  If you log in via an incognito session do you have the same issue?


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