Create report on a device

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Create report on a device

I know there is no builtin method to export a backup of the configuration of a device to restore it later but is it possible in dashboard to have it create a report of all the configuration of a device so I can save it as pdf if I ever need to check changes from the original configuration.


I only have site access so let me know if your solution is an organisation access thing or not. 

Kind of a big deal

What about going File/Print to PDF in your favourite web browser?


Quite some time ago I wrote an offline back script.  It really needs refreshing now, but it may still be of use. 


There is also a sample backup script in the Meraki automation scripts github.  Note it can not do a restore, but it will dump all the settings. 

Thanks for that.


The print to pdf is just screenshots of each page and would have to include too many pages to cover one device.


It has to be something official from within the system not a script that the data would have to be verified on.


Really weird that there is no report or export of configurations (understand backup restore isn't part of their thing) but not able to get some sort of a device config report is a bit of a flaw like the vpn client situation.


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