Client History and performance always shows nothing

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Client History and performance always shows nothing

Hi Folks, 


A quick caveat, i'm a bit of a rookie with regards to meraki.


I have a user that is stating she cannot connect to the wifi, however i can see her device as showing connected, but she is no longer answering her phone for me to check whether she is.


anyway, thats the brief history.


I have tried clicking on her device/client, and can see the overview of that client. However, when i look at the history/timeline. No matter what parameters i select, i get zero results. I have tried everything from the last day to the last month, and i get nothing. just the message "no connections were found during this time


So i thought, i would check the performance tab, as it appears she has a current connection. But again, that shows as blank with the message "client wasn't connected at this time"


Am i missing something? Do i need to enable a module or something to enable this information to be shown/tracked?


Or do these features simply not work?


I'm just trying to find out her connection history to see if there are any obvious issues, as i suspect we have an issue with a specific AP, and she can connect to the other APs in the building.


in addition, i tried looking at the timeline and performance of other clients, and have the same results.


Many Thanks

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