Cisco SecureX Sign-On Now Available!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Cisco SecureX Sign-On Now Available!

I like the idea.  I think it is great. 

Free SAML with MFA for everyone for the Meraki Dashboard.


I can't figure it out.  I signed in with my Cisco CCO account.  How do I access the settings for my company?  How do I send invitations for others in my company to join?  How do I define company policies?  How do I access reports of who has logged in and when?  How do I disable user accounts?


Also the restriction of a user who has logged in their existing email address to the Meraki Dashboard not being able to use this system is pretty severe.  Ok for brand new Meraki users and customers, but everyone else is already logging in with their main email account.


When I do SAML integrations I typically have the SAML provider authenticate to the Meraki Dashboard using the samAccountName instead of the email address to work around this issue.


Getting noticed

I have seen this too with interest, but I do feel it is distracting from putting a better implementation of SAML / SSO in place to the existing Dashboard. I would like the devs to have another stab at the existing SAML and integration with AzureAD or OpenID.


This feels very much like "We have a cisco product that is kind of like what you do over there, why not force yourself to use it and adapt every single one of your sign ins to fit our product?"

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