Changing Organization Name in bulk

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Changing Organization Name in bulk

We have an MSP dashboard and our organisations were put in place before it was considered that there may need to be a programmatic link between the Organisation Name and the OrgID in our PSA. Well that is likely to be just around the corner. 


Has anyone out there renamed their Organisations in bulk through an API command? If so would they be willing to share the methods?


I have deliberately not put this on the API board, as i thought that the Dashboard area would be more likely to find people with the same issue

Kind of a big deal

I haven't done what you are asking, but I don't see it being an issue.


I have done something that might be worth considering for your project.

For migrating firewall rules sets from other firewalls to Meraki, I wrote a tool that can import a ruleset originally created in a spreadsheet. 

It supports creating objects.  Meraki (at least at the time) didn't support objects or object groups.  My tool allows you to both import and export the rules.  To keep the linkage between the object names and definitions I make use the of the "notes" fields to store the original object names.  I create a coma separated list of variables in the form name1=value,name2=value, etc.


What you could do is create an additional network under each customer called "metadata" (or anything you want) and then make use of the network notes field in the same way.  This is extendable because you can store as many variables as you like in the same way as I do.  You could probably even store a json object.

This network would not contain any inventory.  It would only be used for storing your metadata.




Kind of a big deal

Is there any reason you couldn't flip this around, and store the org name in your PSA?

In the PSA there is the Org name and the OrgID. The Ord ID can contain no spaces etc etc, and these cannot be changed after the fact. We've been playing around with the likes of IT Glue and other integration tools, and some are clever enough to make a guess at linking "similar" Organizations, but, you know, its not right! 🙂


I'll take your script and have a look at it, thank you very much.

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