Bulk IP Config of MR33

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Bulk IP Config of MR33

I was able to use the Bulk Network configuration tool to bring in a large group of MR33's and then just move them into the network I needed them assigned to, but the IP Address setting aren't getting applied.


Is there a way to bulk configure the IP settings? I'm in a time crunch to get these installed.

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Kind of a big deal

Are static IP's an unfortunate requirement in your setup?
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

Yes.. these are going into environments that do not DHCP. 

Kind of a big deal

Can you make DHCP reservations? Then change them to static?


When I say there is no DHCP, I mean there is no DHCP service running on these remote networks. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What is your workflow plan?


Take an MR33 out of the box and plug it in at the site?  It needs to talk to the cloud first to get that static IP config ...


Plug in at some other location with DHCP, let it connect to the cloud, and then box it back up again and ship to its final site?

To answer your question about how we get them configured, yes.. we connected them in our lab so they can get their configuration and then box them up and ship out to where they will be put into service. 


But the subject of DHCP is a side track from the question I had about Configuration, either I wasn't clear or it was pulled off topic. The issue isn't how we get the config into the MR33's its about Bulk Configuration Changes. 


I can use the bulk network creation tool, to bring a large number of them in and should by its description be able to assign the Static IP Address, but in practice I was unable to get it to work. 


It has to create a new network, which makes no sense, but ok.. I just move the APs to the desired network once they have been assigned. 

The APs all receive their Names, and other assorted config, except IP Addresses which were specified in the csv file, but not configured.


So we were left to configure the IP address for all of the APs manually. Right now we have deployed 1000+ APs and we will keep having to deploy more over the months as we acquire/create new locations.. usually in groups of 50+ locations at a time. 


So the question was, is there a way to configure large numbers of APs when the Bulk Network tool doesn't work. To include changing the IP Address of existing APs that are in service (some of our locations are going through Re-Address projects to bring them in line with out current scheme, and they already have APs onsite).

If there isn't another way,  then we will keep doing what we are doing, but we wanted to ask and see what other people are doing.

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