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Floor Plans/Location Management


Floor Plans/Location Management

So I am going to do my best to describe this issue:


I need to create floorplans for the multiple locations that we have at the Company I work for. But inside of the dashboard, I am only able to create a floorplan inside of a 'Switch' network type, not under a 'EMM(systems manager)' network type. 


I dont know if this is a feature request I need to make, but I'm curious if anyone has an efficient way for me to be able to map the devices that have the Agent software installed on them and add them to these network floor plans. The only information that I have found that is close to this topic is to add AP's to the floor plans, or other hardware that is installed and linked to the switch. 


Anyway, if anyone knows anything that could help, I would be grateful!


If not, I would appreciate this feature potentially being added, or some way to link a 'switch' type network group to an EMM network group to allow drag and drop placement of the devices (i.e computers, laptops) to these layouts.


Hope this find whoever takes the time to read it well,



Kind of a big deal

Re: Floor Plans/Location Management

Are you able to combined your EMM network with another so that you get that option?


Another option.  Move or temporarily add another Meraki device to your EMM network.  Then move it back.  You should be left with the "Network" menu option and then be able to add maps.



Re: Floor Plans/Location Management

I haven't been able to combine them, but I can try some other ways of merging them together. But your second Idea might work, I could basically trick the group into giving me that option so that the devices are accessible while I am creating the Floor plan, I was just concerned that it would remove them if I move the device back out of the section and it removes the accessible devices. 


Anyway, thanks for the pro-tip Ill give it a shot and see what happens. 



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