Bug with Dashboard and Event Log

Kind of a big deal

Bug with Dashboard and Event Log

I came across this last week without realising it and just thought I was going mad. If I am an and area of the "Systems Manager" menu and I want to view the event log under "network-wide" I can't its not there. If I go to any other option i.e. switch, security appliance or Org then its there. 


Screenshots are below.


No Event logNo Event logEvent logEvent log

Meraki Employee

Thanks @BlakeRichardson for pointing that out, I will bounce this to the UI team in case they're not already aware or working on it.  I have a feeling this could be related to the fact that when you have a Systems Manager only network, there is not a "Network Wide" menu and the Event Log is under Systems Manager > Monitor > Event Log.   Perhaps that has something to do with the Event Log option not appearing under the Network-Wide locale when you are actively viewing the Systems Manager locale in a combined network.  Will let you know...


@BlakeRichardson just checking back on this one.  It looks like the event log for systems manager clients is available under the Network-wide > Event log page... But you get that event log page only when looking at a security appliance page for example.  So if you have an MX status page pulled up, if you hover over the network-wide section, you see the event log tab, but not when you are on any of the System manager pages.  Once there, you could pull up the event log for security appliances, or for clients.  You see similar behavior?  If something's still off I'd give Support a ring.


@MerakiDave Yes I am still getting the same issue. Doesn't look like the UI team have fixed it yet.

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