Backup of our Meraki network's details

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Backup of our Meraki network's details

Gudday all

Very soon we will have an external audit done on our wireless network to try to resolve recurring issues.

Before any work is done I should like to export a copy of our portal's data and configuration to another site in case we need to roll back any changes that may be made.

I have been wandering through the portal looking for something that might be appropriate but only found 

Organisation -.> overview -> network tab or Organisation -.> overview -> device tab and export to CSV.


It does not seem exactly quite like what I was expecting.

For example the device tags shows all the APs. Clicking on an AP takes you that AP's page with its information (IP, gateway, DNS, radio, SSIDs etc.). Is all that information saved? there are also those columns available via the '+' button beside the CSV dropdown menu. Is that info saved too? Are all APs saved together or do we do each AP separately?


i guess the network tag behaves in  a similar manner.


I was expected a single button or command to save the whole database.


Have i missed something so obviously or is it a quite manual process?




Meraki Employee

The Dashboard itself holds the backups (and backups of the backups).   In fact, the backup is created before the live config;  config is created in Dashboard, then pushed down to the device.   It is possible to take details of configs out of the Dashboard via the API, but the API would still need to be used to apply them back again, too.   There are a bunch of scripts out there that can be used for this purpose, not least one created by the legend that is @PhilipDAth     (can you update the link, if I've pasted an old one, Philip?)

Kind of a big deal

And again a different opinion: There is no build in backup with the Meraki dashboard. If it doesn't help against the malicious Admin that deleted a network or even worse, the organisation, then it should not be named "backup".

Kind of a big deal

That link is correct (I never remove a link once published to reduce link rot).


Two other options you can also consider:


Getting noticed

Thank you for your replies.

I will look at that API (Been quite a while since I used Python)

And the Organization/Change Log

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