Backup Meraki dashboard configs


Backup Meraki dashboard configs

Has anyone used I am a little skeptical on this one..

Kind of a big deal

Didn't knew about this. They say that the API-Key is not stored. I would check if the Backup runs in your browser (which would be ok) or if it runs on their servers. With the last implementation I would never use it from a more or less anonymous system.

Also look at the script that @PhilipDAth provides:

Kind of a big deal

Interesting one.  They seem to answer all common objections well.  I would probably try it for my own org, but not for any clients without their prior permission.  Generating an API key for this and then revoking after seems to keep it as safe as possible.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The first of the authors was a Network Support Engineer at Meraki until January 2021 and the second of the authors was a Consultanting Solutions Architect at Meraki until December 2020


Could be faked (on LinkedIn) but look pretty genuine to me.

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