Any plans to add AnyConnect to network templates?

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Any plans to add AnyConnect to network templates?

I have a few MX 84 appliances managed by a configuration template. We were recently looking to implement AnyConnect to replace the existing L2TP VPN. I found it a bit odd that the AnyConnect tab had never shown up to our Client VPN settings page yet even during the AnyConnect beta.


Before buying the licensing, I wanted to ensure that our MX84's would be able to work with AnyConnect. I reach out to support and was told that AnyConnect is currently not supported with MX's that are managed by a network template. I don't mind unbinding the MX's that we want to use AnyConnect with from the template, but it is my understanding from my conversation with support that that can cause some issues and or network downtime.


Are there any current plans in place from the Meraki team to add AnyConnect support to MX appliances managed by a configuration template? It would be helpful to know before attempting to remove the appliances from the template, but almost anything is better than that god forsaken Windows built-in VPN client at that point so I'm not sure how much longer I can wait haha!




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Wow, god to know.  I would have assumed AnyConnect was supported by templates.

Me as well... Hoping that it is supported in the future.

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