New product category: Meraki PDU

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New product category: Meraki PDU

I want to have a Meraki PDU that integrates with combined networks or as standalone network. It needs to do a few things:


1. Monitor usage and devices and log for 30 days. 

2. Monitor at least two connections (via wired ethernet) and power cycle ports on loss. 

3. Optional - Have ports for temperature probes with alerting / actions based on those too.

4. Optional 2 - Have out-of-band port for cellular (like on MX devices)


While there are a lot of products that do this, none have the Meraki Dashboard. I'd pay $100 - 200 for 2 power ports and two ethernet ports and would pay $25/50 a year in licensing. I would absolutely buy one for every network I deploy that is not in driving distance.


This could also be VERY a good "gateway/promotional product," like the AP's for webinars. 


How many signatures do I have to have to make this happen?



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Kind of a big deal

Not a bad idea!


(I have to get to 50 characters apparently...)

New here

+1 !


We would probably pay a premium over APC to have network managed PDUs in our dashboard.  Every job I've ever had required some critical device to be power cycled occasionally. Having it in the dashboard would allow role based access.

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