An often overlooked tool - The Meraki Licensing Calculator!

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An often overlooked tool - The Meraki Licensing Calculator!

Hi all!

With a co-termination licensing model, figuring out how your organization's licensing state came to be or what impact a new purchase will do your account can sometimes be confusing. Our licensing calculator will allow you to replicate your current account's licensing state and modify, add, or remove licenses in a way that allows you to understand what will change. This is a great tool to use when you may not be able to purchase all your equipment upfront, an upgrade or addition to hardware is made, or you're just curious of what will happen if you move some hardware or licensing to another organization. 

A link to the licensing calculator can be found here

For more information on licensing, please take a look at our Licensing Guidelines and Limitations.

Getting noticed

Maybe it could pre-fill from dashboard, rather manual entry of each line.

Kind of a big deal

That is very good!  How do you navigate to it normally?

Kind of a big deal

@PhilipDAth There's no link to it from inside Dashboard that I've found. You have to bookmark the specific page. 

New here

The calculator is really cool and make thinks easier.

Any chance to integrate it with the Dashboard license status and inventory?

Providing a BOM output for renewals would also be very cool!


Kind of a big deal

This is useful but it really needs to auto fill based on the org's licensing status. It takes way too long to fill everything in for large orgs that are always buying new licenses/products. 

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