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My name is Matia Zanella (Tia for friends), and I am currently working as a Senior Systems Architect Manager at Copan Italia S.p.A. My role primarily involves the design and construction of the new Tier III Data Center with its current core network spine/leaf and lan access IT and OT network architecture development that I designed and manage, the Design and Development of the NOCC (Network Operation Command Center), as well as the Design and Implementation of the Campus Metro Network in the Italian Campus of 6 facilities. I have been in the IT industry for 17 years, and I am fueled by a strong passion for open-source oriented technology.


Experience with Cisco Meraki
I am the developer of Cisco Meraki CLU project and another project which will be featured soon. I joined Copan in 2021 with a diversified engineering background and had the opportunity to be transferred for 1 year to Copan Industries Inc. in Puerto Rico. There, I took on the responsibility of an amazing project: analyzing the Datacenter and Network Topology of the Copan Industries Inc. facility, redesigning it from scratch with a double internal Single Mode fiber optic circuit that connects 8 IT Rooms to the on-premise Data Center. I designed and implemented a mesh network topology where all systems and subsystems are connected using both fiber uplinks from the two core network IT Rooms strategically built in different positions across the building, making the Cisco Meraki LAN IT and OT Network unbreakable and guaranteeing business continuity for the company since Puerto Rico is a strategic manufacturing site for Copan USA operations. Additionally, I designed the architecture of the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity site for Copan Industries Inc. in Puerto Rico with a second Tier III Datacenter on the opposite side of the island in San Juan.

What I'm hoping to gain from the community
I am excited to be a part of this community to connect with other professionals who share my interest in networking. I hope to gain insights into best practices, learn from the experiences of others, and stay updated on the latest developments in Meraki technology. Additionally, I look forward to contributing by sharing my own experiences and knowledge.


Fun Facts
Italian born with a Spanish DNA. When I don't code or administer IT systems, I am an avid movie enthusiast, especially of movies from the 80s and 90s (To Live and Die in LA by the way is one of my favourites like the Alien series), which I consider the best ever. I have a passion for photography, cooking, and traveling. In my free time, I also contribute to maintaining the network and systems of my family's business,

Carlo Civera


I look forward to engaging with all of you and learning together!

Matia Zanella

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What a cool intro, and we are very lucky to have you Matia.  Your CLU utility looks very interesting.  I will download it later and take a closer look.

Building a reputation

Welcome to the Meraki community @akamura Started taking a look at your CLU and liking what I see so far.

Jamie Williams
Delaware City School District
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