To introduce myself...


To introduce myself...

  1.  bit about yourself & your work
    Studied Information Technology @ TU Chemnitz
    Have been working @Siemens since June 1991 in several jobs, dealing w/ industrial PC, automation, DCS,..
    Currently: Innovation Manager for industrial communication issues.

  2. Your experience with Cisco Meraki

    I don't buy or use Meraki Technology, but find the approach "Cloud-based natwork management" cool.
  3. A fun fact about yourself

    My grandfather worked as an aircraft designer. One of "his" airplanes, the Junkers Ju-52 w/ the mark D-AQUI  (see flew until 2018. 
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Super Geschichte. Herzlich Willkommen! 😎


Kind of a big deal

Cloud-based networking is becoming more and more of A Thing. Even Cisco has products designed to allow for it.


Very cool about your grandfather's plane! We often think people are going to replace things, and then they just can't because the old solution was actually very good for reasons. 

Kind of a big deal

We have similar backgrounds! I used to work for Phoenix Contact as industrial network specialist. Hat off to your grandfather 🎩!


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