Quick Note to Say Hi


Quick Note to Say Hi

Hi everyone,


Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been on this forum a long time but have not been very active so I hope to change that now. I have been working with Cisco for around 12 years and Meraki since 2017 - I have now deployed Meraki at two companies. I really like the simplicity and performance of the whole Meraki suite.


I would really like to start working more with the Meraki API, I ready that there is a new version now so if somebody could please point me to the right direction on this community to learn more about that it would be great. It seems like NetOps is the way everything is going so I need to get a lot more hands on with automation and APIs 😃


In my spare time I enjoy watching all kinds of different sports from F1 to cricket to NFL, really any kind of sports I can sit and watch. I also enjoy playing badminton/tennis when I get the chance.


Thanks for taking the time to learn abit more about me! Hope to speak to some of you soon.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @acook04111 .  Thanks for joining in and we look forward to seeing your posts.  🙂


You can find information about the latest API here:


thanks, i will have a look

Building a reputation

Welcome to the Meraki community @acook04111 

Jamie Williams
Delaware City School District

thanks 😀

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