Hi ,I am Ed ,live in Pietermaritzburg South Africa.married with 3 children .i have been working in IT support for close on 25 years.Running my own business for the past 4 years specializing in networks.

My experience in Meraki is relatively new as i have just been awarded a contract to supply and install 3 of the MX68 series appliances.

I am hoping to gain information on users experiences with this product.

A fun fact is that i enjoy being a petrol head when I am not in IT ,I own a 66 Plymouth valiant(know as a Chrysler valiant  in my country)

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Welcome @Classtech  nice to see here there is another petrol head in the community. Good luck with your MX68 deployment and ask away if you have any questions.

Welcome to the forums @Classtech! You'll find a wealth of information and helpful people here. Have fun with your MXs!

Welcome to the community.


Don't put petrol in your MX68, it's not an MX-6.



Head in the Cloud

Welcome to the community! This is a nice vehicle!
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