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Introduction & Assistance


My name is Anthony, I am a small IT Integration Services Provider out of Massachusetts. I am a certified Hubzone and Minority owned company with certs from Comptia, Cisco and Microsoft.

I've been dealing with Meraki since its launch and I love the product. Most of my clients have been able to become very familiar with the devices and their understanding of needed support when necessary.

I'm hoping to expand my services and gain more knowledge with the hardware with assistance from the community for becoming certified in my area and also obtaining possible contracts opportunities with meraki. If there is anyone who is able to assist please contact me. My website is a fun fact about me is when I work I work hard, but when I play everyone becomes my friend!!!

A. Fuller J
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi Blake,


I appreciate you reaching out..

What are some ways I can become certified?

And once I'm official, how can I get work related to meraki professional services?

A. Fuller J
Kind of a big deal

Welcome @Acefreejack 


If you're looking to become certified. Please go here. 😁

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