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Hello from MLPillai1465

Hi All.

Happy New Year  Everyone .

I  am a freelance contractor  and  previously worked with Meraki WIFI mostly  MR56 deploying in Branch office .      Now  working  with ISPs in UK  to deploy   MX68  in Branch Offices,  using the  Meraki dashboard daily , then  will  be deploying the   MR56   APs  to  replace older Cisco  APs as the 2nd Phase of the  Project. I like the  dashboard,  one  pane of  glass to  see   the devices at sites , status  updates, bandwidth usage  of  sites  with  different  circuit bandwidths.  I  am hoping to gain more in depth   knowledge and   information from the community. I am  actively studying for my Meraki Certification. 

Fun fact . I love sports , Triathlon Training. 🙂 I was at world championships in Kona Hawaii . As part of my holiday, I  went swimming with wild Dolphins  in the Pacific. This year I am going to go on a Whale watching holiday in Iceland. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@MLPillai1465 : Welcome to the community buddy !

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Thanks Buddy. Been doing  deployment at sites  . An issue cropped up with Meraki templates. caused issues with desktop policy. All was sorted. 

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