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[Submissions Closed] Feedback time! We want to hear from you!

Community Manager

We want to hear from you! Everyone who responds to the survey below will be entered into a drawing for Meraki  socks. We'll be giving away 4 pairs.*


The survey closes on Monday, October 29, at 2pm Pacific. Please submit your feedback today! (UPDATE: The survey is closed, here's the announcement of the winners!)



* Terms, conditions, & eligibility information


Can we get a sneak peak of these awesome socks! 


Winter is coming.  Need some socks.


Definitely need some Meraki socks.  I've got SolarWinds but would really love to sport some cool Meraki socks.  


Did I hear Socks?

I have big feet so they may become mittens, and I am ok with that! 

Send those sporty Meraki socks up here where it's COLD!

Here to help

Socks for sale auction. Bid starts at $50. Smiley LOL




As cool as those look, $50 might be such a bad deal! 


Large please. Smiley WinkSmiley LOL

Community Manager

@JayDub - this time around, the socks on offer are our cloud socks, proudly sported in this picture of our GM, @tnight (the full article that this picture comes from, What's on your desk, Todd Nightingale?, is pretty great):





And here are some more Merakians wearing these famous cloud socks (from this tweet😞


Meraki cloud socks modeled by members of our field marketing teamMeraki cloud socks modeled by members of our field marketing team




Kind of a big deal

I must admit I have two pairs of socks already although not the cloud socks. They are very comfy however they make no difference to my latency. Smiley Tongue

Community Manager

And, we have some winners! Here's the announcement.


(And, if you didn't win — never fear, there are plenty more sock-opportunities (sockortunities?!) coming up!)