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Recognizing November’s Members of the Month

Community Manager

Check out November's Members of the Month!


The Rising Star

The Rising Star award recognizes our top new contributor. To achieve this award, you must fulfill BOTH of the below criteria:


  • Joined within the past 3 months
  • Written the most posts in that time compared to your fellow new users


This month’s Rising Star is user @kuni! In the month and a half since joining, @kuni has embraced the support of the community with 18 posts across security and switching, seeking advice and insights from fellow community members.


Asset 10.png




Thank you for your contributions — we are so glad to have you!


The Unexpected Win

This acknowledgement allows us to highlight the actions of a member whose contributions this month created a win for everyone involved.


This month, we’re featuring @DexterLaBora, who shared a detailed reply to an inquiry regarding the Meraki Postman collection on our API board, and with record speed! Thanks for taking the time to outline all of the new changes and how to navigate them, Dexter!



Asset 8.png




The Top Four

Here, we congratulate our top four contributors of the month, based on the number of kudos they’ve received and accepted solutions they’ve authored. This month these amazing members provided the community with a total of 53 solutions and received a total of 447 kudos for their efforts. Way to go!



165 kudos

17 solutions

MOTM score: 199 

NolanHerring MOTM.png

95 kudos

12 solutions

MOTM score: 119  


90 kudos

14 solutions

MOTM score: 118


97 kudos

10 solution

MOTM score: 117


(MOTM score = kudos received + 2*solutions authored)


Congratulations to all of our stellar contributors

 and thanks to everyone who participated on the community in November!



If you come across a truly helpful thread, or a post that’s teeming with positivity and you’d like to nominate the author for The Unexpected Win, you can submit your nomination here.


Kind of a big deal

Well done @DexterLaBora and everyone else for their contributions. 

Kind of a big deal

Congrats to @kuni and @DexterLaBora !


And well done to the usual suspects 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Nice one and congrats to everyone. Things are winding down for me and i'll be finishing up for the year soon so have a good break everyone and I will hear from you all in the new year!


PS @MeredithW  maybe we could have a Christmas photo comp in Jan?

Here to help

Thank you 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Very well deserved @DexterLaBora , you could've gotten this one a long time ago.


@kuni , I'm glad that this time someone asking the questions got recognized. If not for that, we wouldn't be able to help! Thanks!


Congrats to the rest of the gang. Again our scores were so close! I mean 117, 118, 119... Really?

Meraki Employee

Well that was .. Unexpected 😉


I think this community has been really good for everybody involved. I love seeing what people are able to accomplish with the Meraki APIs and happy to help wherever I can. I think a lot of us are learning all this stuff at the same time, but with different backgrounds and experience. Being able to brain share some of this, makes it a lot easier to start doing amazing things. 


Looking forward to the new year!



Kind of a big deal

Congrats to everyone and holy smokes that was close lol.  Don't worry, you'll win next time @BrechtSchamp  =P



Kind of a big deal

Congrats everyone.

Building a reputation

I feel like these MOTM deserve the "AI-Reflexes" Badge. They answer things so fast,you''d think they are IMB Watsons working together behind the scenes. 😀


Great job to everyone.

Kind of a big deal

Thanks for the swag @MeredithW . I love it!