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New Community feature: @mentioning content

Community Manager

New community feature alert! You've always been able to @mention your fellow community members here on the Cisco Meraki Community. Now, you can also @mention forum threads and blog posts by name to easily reference them within your posts. Simply type "@" and a keyword or two from the title of the content you'd like to link to, and the link will be inserted automatically.


Before: @mentioning users Now: @mentioning users OR content
2019-05-MentionBEFORE.png content-mentions.png


Please do let us know any feedback by commenting below.

Kind of a big deal

@CarolineS Thank you lol for the screenshot mention example Smiley Very Happy Heart

Community Manager

@kYutobi - thought you'd appreciate that! 🙂

Here to help

So I can hassle @samvalencia or @brianlattanzio? That's awesome!


And the ability to reference an article like Meraki Go - How do we support? is pretty sweet; this was the article where @JamesMW  said, "My suggestion, and even my ask, would be for you and any other ACN member who feels this feature addition would be highly beneficial to actually submit that feedback using your Meraki Go app so our product and engineering teams can prioritize appropriately."