New Community Homepage & Navigation!

Community Manager

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Community homepage and navigation. 


New Homepage

Our new homepage is designed for quick access to our most popular forums while also highlighting other areas of the community and our latest news and announcements.


New community homepageNew community homepage


It also looks lovely on mobile!


Mobile viewMobile view


Those of you who prefer to focus on the forums section of the community may end up finding the Forums homepage more efficient:


New Navigation

Additionally, we have a new and improved navigation menu, now always present in the top left of the screen (previously it wasn't on the home page!).


New navigationNew navigation


Before & After

A quick comparison in case you can't remember what things looked like before (and for fans of "How it started / How it's going" tweets):


How it started How it's going


Old homepageOld homepage


New homepageNew homepage



How it started How it's going
Old navOld nav New navNew nav



We hope you find these changes helpful in your use of the community. We welcome feedback; comment below or email us at