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Meraki360 profile badges

Community Manager

Meraki’s Training & Evangelism team is pleased to announce that badges recognizing participation in Meraki360 are now visible on community profiles. Meraki360 is a hands-on full-stack training led by Meraki-authorized distributors.

Meraki360Badge.pngMeraki360 participant badge


Here’s an example: @IroncladTech has participated in Meraki360:

 Profile displaying a Meraki360 badgeProfile displaying a Meraki360 badge 

Hey, I attended Meraki360, but I don’t see a badge on my profile.

Uh-oh! The problem is likely that the email address you used for Meraki360 isn’t the same as your community email address, or, you attended Meraki360 after August 8, 2019. (Note: As of August 8, 2019, we are no longer awarding Meraki360 badges on the community). If you attended Meraki360 prior to August 8, 2019 and aren't seeing your badge, please email us at to get this sorted out.


What other badges are there?

Take a look at the master list of community badges.



Congratulations to all of our newly-badged Meraki360 participants!



Head in the Cloud

Man, I'm still yet to qualify for any badges! Better get registered to some form of Meraki training 😛

Community Manager
@WANKiller wrote:
Man, I'm still yet to qualify for any badges! Better get registered to some form of Meraki training Smiley Tongue

Just you wait, @WANKiller! More badges are in store! (But don't let that stop you registering for Meraki training!)

Community Manager

@WANKiller Your wish is granted - check out your new profile badges! 🏆

Head in the Cloud

Woohoo 🙂 Thanks, @CarolineS! Hopefully my CMNA badge will appear soon too!

Community Manager

@WANKiller - Your CMNA badge has been granted! Congratulations!

Here to help

ECMS1 badges please 🙂

Community Manager

Request noted, @Bleeps77