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Congratulations to the November 2018 Members of the Month!

Community Manager

Can you believe it's December already? We got our Christmas tree this weekend, so it must be true...


A new month also means it's time to recognize our Members of the Month, of course!


This month, we welcome a new MOTM, @NolanHerring. Congratulations on your first MOTM appearance, Nolan, and thank you for your many contributions!


@PhilipDAth leads the pack (as usual!!) — this makes his FIFTEENTH time (in a row!) as our top MOTM. Thank you, Philip!


Finally, congratulations to @jdsilva for his sixth straight MOTM appearance (wow!), and @MacuserJim for his second!


Ya'll are the best!


November 2018 Meraki Community Members of the Month


92 kudos

20 solutions

MOTM score: 132


71 kudos

8 solutions

MOTM score: 87


50 kudos

8 solutions

MOTM score: 66


28 kudos

7 solutions

MOTM score: 42

(MOTM score = kudos received + 2*solutions authored)


️ Congratulations!


Thank you all for your continued involvement & fantastic expertise.


As always, thank you to everyone who participated in November. Also... November was a bit quiet here on the community, contest-and-fun-stuff wise — but we have big plans for December! Stay tuned!


Kind of a big deal

Thanks Caroline!  Welcome to the club @NolanHerring! Nice work as always @PhilipDAth and @MacuserJim!



Kind of a big deal

Glad to be here

Helps keep my skills sharp and learn new stuff  ^_^

A model citizen

Thanks Caroline! It's great to be a part of the community and to take a little bit of knowledge and to contribute a little bit of knowledge. Good work @NolanHerring@jdsilva, and @PhilipDAth!

Kind of a big deal

Well done team.


I'm so busy at the moment I haven't been able to give the community as much time as normal.  So if you want to try and take the lead - this is your chance!

Kind of a big deal

@NolanHerring almost caught you this month @PhilipDAth... If you're slacking off this month he's liable to get ya 😉


I'm travelling this week, and a bit for xmas coming up, so It's not likely to be me that overtakes top spot.

Kind of a big deal





This is pretty much how I see this.

Community Manager

Hahaaaaaaaaa 😂

Kind of a big deal

Haha.  That is funny.

Kind of a big deal

@CarolineS used to interview new members of the month.  I'll look forward to that post.

Community Manager

@PhilipDAth I want to start doing that again! Stay tuned...

Kind of a big deal

 Well done guys! I'm about to finish up for the year and wont be back until late Jan so have a good Christmas and new years everyone!

Meraki Employee

Awesome job everybody! Keep up the great work, as you are all totally awesome! 🙂 

Kind of a big deal

The latest pieve of swag has arrived!  Time to start building.



Community Manager

Can't wait to see the finished product, @PhilipDAth!

A model citizen

Got my ML (Meraki Lego) configured!



Community Manager

@MacuserJim - ML, I love it! 😂 This model is the ML-Logo. Next we need an ML-MV. An ML-MX or ML-MR  would probably be fairly boring (a white box made of white bricks....)

Kind of a big deal

meraki lego.jpg



Pretty sure I made like 10 mistakes during the process, but it was fun. Thanks again !!

Community Manager

@NolanHerring - love the dramatic background!

Kind of a big deal

I'm back in the office after a week in San Francisco. First order of business is assembling some ML! Thanks again @CarolineS! So awesome 🙂





Community Manager

@jdsilva that's a nice swag museum in the background 🙂