Community platform changes: Search, navigation, fonts, & more!

Community Manager

Our work to make the user experience here on the community smooth and straightforward continues!


We have just released the following changes:


(1) Search bar moved into the header

Search bar appears after clicking the magnifying glassSearch bar appears after clicking the magnifying glass
We made this change to save some horizontal space and also to align more closely with



(2) Fresh new fonts 

The font is now Roboto, with occasional headers in Sharp, which is in line with Previously the Roboto / Sharp fonts were only on the home page; we hadn't updated the global styles yet.



(3) Bye bye, green horizontal lines!

We've adjusted the styling of the right column of the site; goodbye green horizontal lines, hello light grey boxes with lightly rounded corners! 





(4) Nav menu improvements

The hamburger nav now behaves a bit more how you'd expect it to behave - there were some quirks previously with how things opened / closed. Also, any Beta groups that you're in will show up under the "Groups" item



(5) User menu adjustments

Your avatar now shows up in the header - perhaps ya'll will be more inclined to change from the default avatars if you have to look at your avatars all the time 🙂

User avatar in the headerUser avatar in the header



The user menu is now represented JUST with an avatar on mobile:



When you open it, you'll see any notifications / unread messages:




We hope these changes make your community experience just a bit smoother (though we know that change can be annoying / difficult at first!).



In the spirit of those "Spot the differences" puzzles you may have played as a child:


Spot 5 Differences
image.png image.png



Please do let us know feedback on these changes in the comments below!








Answer to "Spot 5 Differences":

(1) Magnifying glass added to header

(2) User avatar added to header

(3) Search bar removed from below breadcrumbs

(4) Green horizontal lines removed; modules separated (ok, this could be counted as a few separate differences if you want :-))

(5) Fonts are different


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