[CONTEST CLOSED] Yo, Ho! Talk Like a Pirate Day It Be

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UPDATEThis contest has ended! Thanks to all ye who entered - your pirate🦜 posts have been thoroughly entertaining. Stayed tuned for your pirate badges! Lastly, congrats to our three randomly selected winners: @serhansaridag@Slobs2, and @Naveed.


Shiver me timbers! Could it be our favorite time of yarrr already? 


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, me mateys! 🏴☠️🦜🏝


Listen up, ye scallywags! We be holdin’ a grand contest this moon fer Talk Like a Pirate Day. While this here contest be afoot, we be kindly requestin’ ye to share yer hearty endorsement for your most cherished Meraki loot, all in the finest o’ pirate tongue.


In other words, to celebrate this most infamous day, we want to hear your best recommendation of your favorite Meraki product or most cherished piece of swag in pirate-speak (the M-ARR anyone!? Or perhaps ye love yer warm Meraki booties fer yer peg leg?).


Give your Meraki product or swag recommendation in your most pirate-iest words in a comment on this post before 9:59am EDT September 26th and be entered to win some sweet Meraki loot. Comments will be public  throughout the contest. Feel free to pepper in pirate terms (scurvy?), swap your You/Yours with Ye/Yers, and add ARRRG to absolutely everything. Once the contest ends, we’ll then select three winners at random to win their very own Meraki Cloud shirt.


meraki cloud shirt.png


Arrr, let the sea o’ recommendations flow, me mateys! Thar be treasure awaitin’ ye! 


Ye ol’ terms & conditions

  • Limit one entry per community member.
  • Submission period: Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 at 11am EDT through Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 at 9:59am EDT
  • Prize will be a selection of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD 50.00
  • Official terms, conditions, and eligibility information
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