[CONTEST CLOSED] Join us in some fun wordplay for National Limerick Day, hooray!

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UPDATE! The random number generator has chosen our three winners! But first, a poem:


In a limerick contest so bright,
Eighteen joined, each with delight.
Yet three took the prize,
To everyone's surprise,
Their verses danced just right!


(all credit for that limerick to ChatGPT :-))


And the winners (drawn at random) are.... @pjg , @kudasay , and @UKDanJones! Congrats! Stay tuned for an email from us about how to collect your prize.



In honor of National Limerick Day on May 12th, we’re challenging you to a little poetry slam – all in good fun, of course! A limerick is a type of poem that is often humorous, silly, or even bawdy containing three long and two short lines with a rhyming scheme of AABBA. May 12th was chosen as the day to honor this very specific type of prose because it is the birthday of Edward Lear, the man who popularized the limerick in 1846 with his “Book of Nonsense.”


I know poetry can be a challenge though, so to make this a little more accessible, you don’t have to adhere strictly to the limerick format. Simply give your best shot at a short rhyme about Meraki, and remember to have a little fun with it! 


If you’re in need of a little inspiration to get you started, we’ve got just the thing! Take a look through some of our favorites from last year’s contest:


An admin was happy and proud.

She praised her new network aloud:

"Meraki is slick,

deployment is quick

and you manage it all from the cloud!" 

– @Aberg 


There once was an I.T. Admin

Who's network was really has-been

He asked his new lackey

who said "Get Meraki"

and now his whole network is gin!



How to enter 


Comment below and with your rhyme before 10:00am EST on Friday, May 17th. Remember, you don’t have to write five lines that follow the AABBA rhyming scheme. Any rhyme or type of poem will work. Everyone who responds to this post with their rhyme will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of three Cisco Meraki pin sets:


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How to win


Once submissions close at 9:59am EST on May 17th, we will select three at random to win a prize. Good luck!