[CONTEST CLOSED] Community Challenge: What’s wrong with this dashboard?

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UPDATE: This challenge has been closed. Thanks for your patience as we sorted through over 150 submissions! Below are the ten official answers: 


Answer key:


1 - Announcements icon is gone

2 - Network dropdown label changed to "organization"

3 - Network wide highlight is blue

4 - Switched "wireless" to "router"

5 - Missing overall throughput download/upload breakdown

6 - Email address at top right missing

7 - 12:00 instead of 10:00 in throughput over time graph

8 - Global search bar says search "network" instead of "dashboard"

9 - Cisco logo is in color

10 - "More" button under pie chart missing


However, in addition to these ten, some of you spotted new differences based on the dashboard view from your own account levels, which we also accepted as correct! This means that everyone who submitted ten total answers that were correct either from this list or from the new differences spotted were considered for selection. From the total pool of correct entries, we randomly selected our challenge winners @KRobert and @JoeM.



🎉Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated!!🎉


For this month’s Community Challenge, we are testing your powers of observation as well as your familiarity with Meraki dashboard. While dashboards can be as unique as an elegant snowflake, there are many elements that remain constant no matter how specialized the network.


Below is a snapshot of the clients page on dashboard, with a few subtle adjustments. We’ve made exactly 10 changes to elements that are standard for any Meraki dashboard and your challenge is to spot all of them!


dashboard with changes.jpg


How to enter

List out as many changes or errors that you see in the above snapshot in a comment on this post before 11 a.m. PST on Monday, October 14th, 2019. After you submit your entry, you’ll see a message reading “Your post will appear as soon as it is approved.”


How to win

There will be two winners for this challenge. In order to win, you must have spotted all ten changes to this dashboard. In the likely event that multiple submissions contain all ten changes, we will randomly select 2 winners from that group of respondents. Winners will receive one of these Meraki mini block sets!




Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.

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