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Announcing the Meraki Learning Hub!

Community Manager



We are excited to announce an all-new resource here on the Meraki Community — the Meraki Learning Hub.


The Learning Hub is now THE place to learn about Meraki’s training offerings. Take a look for yourself:


We also have some exciting changes to share about our training programs:



  • To prepare you for the certification, we are launching a new technical training track: ECMS1 and ECMS2.


  • If you’re a Cisco partner, you also have access to a new on-demand training series that will prepare you to position and sell Meraki, Meraki FIT.


We hope you’re as excited about the Learning Hub as we are and that you’ll join us there to continue your journey with Meraki!


What are you waiting for… go take a look!

A model citizen

I'm so excited about this new certification path! I have my ECMS1 next week and just fill out the form today for the ECMS2. I have already talked to my employer and if accepted they have already approved the trip to San Francisco! I really hope I get the opportunity to attend because we are starting to heavily deploy Meraki solutions at all of our locations!

Kind of a big deal

@Twitch I'm sure a more widely available registration page will be in place once the course is fully off the ground. Since it's by invite only right now I don't think you can expect that quite yet. 

Just browsing

I'm based in Cape Town and I see that you have no plans to host the ECMS2 course here.

Do you have any dates lined up for London, as I would love to attend.

We're quite a large Meraki house in South Africa and have at least 3 people that would benefit from the 3 day course.

Comes here often

Good job, glad they added more technical focus.

Comes here often

The ECMS1 is finished at this time. Finally a bit of technical knowledge and laboratories to play!

Waiting for the ECMS2, maybe done in Italian language for those who, like me, have some English "flaws".

Who knows, I ask, maybe you do it for real! Smiley Very Happy

Building a reputation

Glad to see this coming as like most I was hoping for some more in-depth Meraki training.   I am tempted to take the CMNO (now ECMS1) again just to see how it is now but they fill up very fast.

Getting noticed
I'm actually amazed it took this long to get some training programs in place. The roll-out has seemed very haphazard/disorganized/half-a**ed. And why are the classes sizes so limited anyway? It's virtual. Your Cisco. I'm sure you could easily expand the class size if you wanted. What gives? I'd make a wish, but my wishes never come true.
Comes here often

Looking forward to some more in depth training!

Here to help

Signed up and accepted for ECMS1 next week, hoping hear back from you lovely people about ECMS2 soon 🙂

Here to help

ECMS1 complete, was really good session thank you, now to wait on the 3 day course in london, first one starts next month, fingers crossed I get a place 🙂



ECMS1 complete , how could I participate in ECMS2 course?



Hello all,


I would like to cancel the training I am scheduled for which is ECMS1. I have it scheduled for another day already and don’t want to fill up a spot that somebody else can use. Can you please advise?



Community Manager

Hi @solobh -

Please email the team at and let them know.


Getting noticed

Has any progress been made with being able to sign-up for the ECMS 2 course? I requested a class back when it was first announced and I have not heard a thing since. Is a more formal process in place now besides "email and wait?" Our sales guy has even reached-out to some folks at Meraki on my behalf, but nothing has ever been heard in response. 







Community Manager

@Twitch - we are continuing to work to scale the ECMS2 program. There is no new process as of yet.

New here

Hi there,


I achieved my CMNO certification 21/09/2017. Could you please tell me how I can get a copy of my certificate?



Brendon Bell


Already taken ECMS1 yesterday, How can I know if I passed ECMS1?