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"I am Karsten Iwen (@KarstenIwen on Twitter), 0x35 years old and from the northern part of Germany (near the Baltic Sea). Doing IT since a quarter of a century and mainly with Cisco gear for the last 20 years. For quite some time I work as a freelance consultant and instructor (for Cisco courses) in the area of security and wireless.


My first Meraki device was an MR12 (yes, one with the original Meraki-logo; it’s still in service in the basement) and I really liked the way the system works. From that moment I started to recommend Meraki and migrate more and more customers to Meraki.


I enjoy traveling and a yearly highlight is (or was; before Covid) the journey to CiscoLive US.


In my free time I like to walk around and do Ingress missions (which can be perfectly combined with traveling), and when the weather is fine, I enjoy cycling (road- and mountain bike, although there are no mountains where I live)."


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